PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope: Planting Hope for a Better Future

PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization is dedicated to supporting community-based organizations that affect positive change.  From volunteering our time to cause close to our hearts to raising awareness and developing resources for great organizations – we strive to make a real and lasting difference in our world.

PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope salutes our Veterans!  It’s not easy to be a veteran and one of SOH’s missions is to give back to the ones that sacrifice their lives to protect us.

PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope supports organizations aimed at helping children and improving education including McKinley Children’s Center, Special Olympics Southern California, Five Acres, and more.

PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope is dedicated to driving positive change within the communities it serves by providing time, talents and resources to collectively impact the lives of those who need help the most.

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Board of Directors

Through the diligent efforts and generous support of our leaders and corporations, PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope is able to continue to serve individuals, communities, and organizations throughout the nation.

Keith D. Murray

Chairman of the Board

Mara Murray


Archie Barrell

Chief Financial Officer

Cheryl Travis-Johnson


Jon Van Deuren


Tiffany Fletcher