PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope: Giving more to make it grow

Education, enablement and compassion
Community Outreach

By engaging PCV Murcor and VRM Mortgage Services employees, other volunteers, agencies and community-based organizations, we drive positive change within the communities we serve by providing an organization to channel time, talents and resources collectively. Focused on military veterans, the
disadvantaged and the elderly, we devote
our time and resources to those who
need help the most. Together,
we can do more to restore
communities and our world.

Neighborhood Stabilization

Working through a number of programs, we work to bring stability to communities hard hit by foreclosures, vacancies and crime. Its founding entities, PCV Murcor and VRM Mortgage Services, help stabilize neighborhoods by accurately valuing properties to help preserve neighborhood home values, provide socially responsible disposition strategies including
owner-occupied sales initiatives and
preserving, protecting and reinvesting
in neighborhoods and properties.

Financial Literacy Resources

Through its website, PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope provides access to online financial literacy resources that help enable a solid understanding of common the financial matters that impact individuals and families. PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope believes that better informed borrowers lead to more successful home ownership and more stable neighborhoods.

Pre-Foreclosure Resources

As a champion for home retention, we provide online resources to at-risk home owners to assist them in making educated decisions regarding retention and disposition options. Our focus is to provide educational resources the can help families retaining their homes and return stability to their lives. This in turn, assists in bringing stability to families, schools and communities.